Minot needs recycling

Isabella Andrews, Minot

Minot is a great place and we are doing our best to protect it. We have done a great deal fixing the damage from the flood. Now, since I want to make Minot a better place I say we start recycling.

Since we have two trash pick-up days a week, we should change one to a recycling day. Here are three reasons why we should recycle.

We should save more space in landfills and have more land to make parks, buildings, schools and more. We would be saving the environment by not filling as many landfills.

We would also save gas from driving to the recycling center. That way, we wouldn’t be polluting the air. Also, more people would recycle if the city picked it up for us.

We would also be suing less trees because we would be recycling paper, which is a good thing for the environment. I think it would be beneficial if we stop using so many trees and stop hurting the environment.

Please, I know we can make a difference if we just start recycling. Thank you for your time and I hope we can make a difference in Minot.