Use prisoners to clean city

Nancy Bommelman, Minot

Here’s something I don’t understand. If a person drives over the bridge on Broadway and looks to your right or left, look at all the garbage that is still hanging from the river on the edges and on the catwalks.

Why is all that garbage still there? Why isn’t it being removed somehow? Oak Park is so disgusting it’s hard to look at. Here’s a good idea: Why doesn’t the City of Minot have the people in jail go down there and pick it up. Here’s where all the excuses come in.

“We don’t have the man power.”

“We can’t watch them.”

“It would cost too much.”

Cost too much? Why don’t we take some of the money that has been saved from not sanding the streets in the winter and use that money to have the prisoners clean it up. What else are they going to do but sit in a cell all day and get three square meals a day and health care?

I know people who can’t pay their rent on time, and have no health insurance or go without meals.

Clean it up Minot. This is supposed to be the Magic City not the Dump City.