DECA-dent snacks

DECA students at Minot High School-Magic City Campus are learning the ins and outs of business by managing the school’s new concession stand and school store.

Adviser Michelle Hoff said the new concession stand was added in part because there are now so many marketing students, and there needed to be a way to provide experiences for all of them. Two DECA students at a time are working in the school store and another two students work in the concession stand throughout the school day, each for two hour shifts.

The students working at the concession stand are responsible for ordering food and beverages and restocking the store, as well as selling food. DECA has partnerships with area restaurants and purchases food to resell to students in the school. For instance, sub sandwiches are on sale one day of the week, pizza is available on another day and taco wraps on another day. The computer systems for the school store and the concession stand are linked.

Proceeds from sales made during the day go back to the DECA chapter.

Various organizations can contract with DECA to sell concessions at games or other school events during the evening and receive 50 percent of the profit.

DECA is somewhat limited in what it can sell during the day because of nutritional requirements. Candy can’t be sold during the school day, for instance, and neither can soda pop.

Seniors Julie Rasanen and Tiana Olson, who were operating the concession stand on Jan. 4, said their class also researched what food should be sold at the concession stand and made contact with businesses. It is good experience for students learning about business as well as a chance for the organization to make money, they said. It is also one more option at lunch for students at Magic City Campus, who also have the choice of buying lunch from the school cafeteria or going off campus to eat.

Hoff said the concession stand is a big improvement over what the chapter had before. Before, the chapter was selling food from a table, said Hoff.

The concession stand, which has a fully stocked kitchen as well as a serving counter, is located right next to the gymnasium at Magic City Campus.