The war on coal won’t stop

It would be nice to expect that Environmental Protection Agency head Lisa Jackson’s resignation means relief for coal country.

It does not, sadly.

President Barack Obama’s war on coal will no doubt continue during his second term.

Jackson led the EPA throughout Obama’s first term, and ramped up efforts to wreck the coal industry and thus, force electricity prices up for tens of millions of Americans. Jackson’s agency also took other action, including rejection of surface mining permits that already had been granted, to hit miners hard.

But the EPA is merely the club chosen by the White House with which to pound the coal industry into dust. Jackson is only following orders – though it is clear she does so with relish.

Rest assured, Jackson’s eventual replacement at the EPA, whoever it may be, will proceed with the war on coal, with the president’s full support and blessing. The names of the leaders may change, but the administration’s goal of squashing the industry remains the same.

That will change only if members of Congress do the right thing for their constituents and insist coal be part of a rational, comprehensive national energy policy. Any energy policy that does not include coal as a source of inexpensive electricity generation is unacceptable.