Wednesday Dispositions

Drove or in actual physical control of a motor vehicle under the influence Jerry Lee Miller, 54, Burlington, $750 fine, $225 court fee, $25 victim-witness fee, obtain chemical dependency evaluation, attend victim impact panel, turn in plates, 30 days, 20 days suspended, enroll in 24/7 state sobriety program for four months.

Reckless driving Timothy David Obrien, 53, Inver Grove Heights, Minn., $250 fine, $225 court fee, $25 victim-witness fee, attend victim impact panel.

Theft of property Angelica M. Snyder, 23, 5-36th Ave. NE, Unit 301, $500 court fee, $455 attorney fee, $4,000 restitution, $25 victim-witness fee, one year, 335 days suspended for two years.

Burglary Thomas Dempsey Bott, 25, Norwich, $500 court fee, $25 victim-witness fee, restitution not to exceed $1,850 combined but to be determined, five years, credit for two days, three years suspended for three years, also second burglary count, all penalties concurrent with first burglary count.

Criminal mischief Makeesha Carbone, 32, 1015-27th St. SE, Unit 82, $300 court fee, $25 victim-witness fee, complete anger management counseling, one day, credit for one day.

Violation of order prohibiting contact Courtney Alan Gust, 23, $75 fine, $300 court fee, $25 victim-witness fee.

Preventing arrest or discharge of other duties Roger Lee Tallie, 31, 715-11th St. NE, $300 court fee, $25 victim-witness fee, one day, credit for one day.

Issuing check or draft without sufficient funds or credit Sharon Louise Dyer, 43, 5104-18th Ave. SE, $100 fine, $225 court fee, $38 state NSF costs, $153.69 restitution, $25 victim-witness fee.

Possession of drug paraphernalia Sallie Anne Haider, 18, 5110 E. U.S. Hwy. 2, Unit B34, $300 court fee, $25 victim-witness fee, obtain chemical dependency evaluation, 10 hours community service.