Monday Dispositions

Drove or in actual physical control of a motor vehicle under the influence Samantha Jo Silva, 30, 405-31st Ave. SE, Unit 56, $450 fine, $25 court fee, obtain chemical dependency evaluation, attend victim impact panel, also drove with suspended or revoked license, $250 fine, $25 court fee.

Simple assault Ryan James Walker, 25, 3100-11th Ave. SE, Unit D12, $500 fine, $25 court fee, complete anger management counseling.

Drove with suspended or revoked license Cayetano Rodriguez Fuentes, 42, Minot, $500 fine, $25 court fee; Brent Emil Gourneau, 36, Belcourt, $450 fine, $25 court fee, also second count, $150 fine; Tamara Kim Klein, 35, 310-27th Ave. NW, Unit 12, $250 fine, $25 court fee, also liability insurance required, $200 fine, $25 court fee; Michael Locklear, 45, 1709 W. Central Avenue, $300 fine, $25 court fee; Gilbert Casey Rael III, 33, 1728 E. Burdick Expy., $300 fine, $25 court fee, also bench warrant for failure to pay fines, 30 days suspended; Mylo Scott Spotted Horse, 25, 1827-15 1/2 St. SW, $350 fine, $25 court fee; Tashina Jolie Wilkie, 28, 2512-4th St. NW, Unit 7, $475 fine, $25 court fee, four days.

Liability insurance required Gabriel Peter Escalante, 41, 1805-2nd Ave. SW, Unit 201, $150 fine, $25 court fee.

Possession of marijuana Roger Lynn Webb, 49, 2408-19th Ave. NW, $300 fine, $25 court fee.

Bench warrant for failure to complete alcohol evaluation Timothy Joseph Poitra, 28, 30 days suspended, attend money management class, also bench warrant for failure to pay fines, 30 days suspended.

Bench warrant for failure to appear for victim panel Justin Paul Knutson, 28, 2113 California Drive, $40 fine, attend victim impact panel.

Bench warrant for failure to pay fines Myron Wayne Redeagle II, 21, 2502-4th St. NW, Unit 8, 30 days suspended.