Robberies difficult to comprehend

Miscreants burning playground equipment at Riverside Park. Vandals damaging headstones in local cemeteries. And now, heartless thieves stealing equipment from Hope Village, of all places.

What in the world is wrong with some people? Has Minot changed that much?

Hope Village in southwest Minot was hit by thieves shortly after Christmas. A John Deere Gator, a 100-gallon diesel fuel tank and a single-axle trailer were taken, along with other items stolen from an unoccupied RV. The missing items have a combined value of around $20,000.

Hope Village is a massive volunteer effort helping victims of the 2011 Souris River flood recover. Thousands of hours of work have been contributed to local families, and there are many residents back in their homes because of the efforts of these volunteers, who have come to Minot from all around the country simply because they want to help. The volunteers live temporarily at Hope Village while they are in our community. And this is how we repay their kindness. Sad.

Pastor Paul Krueger, director of Hope Village and senior pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church, called the theft “a devastating blow to flood recovery and the generosity of our supporters.”

He is absolutely right. But the crime is also a pathetic display of selfishness and greed that has to be extremely frustrating to all the good people involved in Hope Village who are helping Minot recover from the flood. Yes, we recognize that the overwhelming majority of area residents and volunteers have Minot’s best interest at heart, but acts like this are still difficult to comprehend or understand.