Rents are out of control

Kimberly Sheridan, Minot

Rentals in Minot are becoming outrageous and folks like myself are being priced out of the area.

IMM has continued to increase rents quarterly. Initially, it was $10 to $20 and the past two years has jumped $50 to $75 each time the envelope arrives in the mail. Their justification is an increase in property tax, cost of operating and maintaining apartments (isn’t that what I pay rent for?), increased demands from lenders, vendors. Yet services have been cut back dramatically.

The past two years my rent has jumped a total of $350. It appears that each time something broke or needed repair…within a few weeks that letter came in the mail for the increase. If the rent jumps again I will not be able to afford it and will be forced to move. At this time have no place to go. I have cut services like home phone, internet and recently cable in order to afford the increase. I do not work in the oil industry nor does my employer provide a housing allowance. What about us? When will the rates drop or stop rising? The apartment is far from new yet IMM wants to charge rates of the newer apartments/condos. I have even looked into purchasing a home but the prices are outrageous compared to southern states.

Suggestions? Direction? I am disappointed they are taking advantage of folks.