Legislative forum on disability rights to be held at Minot State

Disability rights advocates will be holding an informational session at 2 p.m. Fridays at Minot State University’s Memorial Hall, Room 236, throughout this legislative session.

Angie Dubovoy said Friday the sessions are open to the public and will focus on bills that affect those with disabilities. The session is sponsored by the North Dakota Protection and Advocacy Project.

Dubovoy said it’s important for people to be informed about bills that could affect their lives and to know how to contact their legislators. Often bills are passed, become law, and people are not aware of them, said Dubovoy.

Dubovoy had a binder full of draft legislation about different bills that are about to be introduced in the House and the Senate, photos of area legislators and which districts they represent, and handouts with information about the state legislative process and advice about what and what not to include in a letter to a state legislator.

Key advice includes the importance of getting the legislator’s name right and including the bill’s title and number; being clear and concise and knowing what they are talking about and avoidng sending form letters or post cards, which will convince the legislator the letter writer is not serious. Letter writers are also told to be courteous and avoid writing letters filled with threats or only criticism.

Dubovoy said other communities in the state are holding similar sessions.

For more information, email panda@nd.org; call 328-2950 or 1-800-472-2670. The TDD relay number is 711.