Schools OK hiring firm for master plan

The Minot Public School Board gave approval Thursday to hire the Anderson Wade and Whitty architectural firm, working with the firm DLR, for master planning and building assessment architectural services.

Three other architectural firms were interviewed, including EAPC Architects, Icon and JLG.

The firm will update the district’s master plan, which guides plans for future building development. The work will include a study that will address such things as how much square footage is needed per student, the adequacy and equity of school facilities that serve students, how to make buildings as safe as possible for students and updating of the heating and lighting systems, as well as how what grants might be available to help pay for upgrades.

The firm will be present at planned public meetings that will be held in advance of an upcoming bond issue referendum.

Voters will likely be asked to approve a $32 million bond referendum that could pay for such things as construction of a new elementary school on land the district already owns in southeast Minot, purchase of land where a new, second high school that could eventually be built and an addition at an existing elementary school.

More space is needed because of ongoing growth in the school district.

The board granted approval to hire Anderson Wade and Whitty contingent upon successful negotiation of architect’s fees.

No dates have been set yet for the public meetings or for the anticipated bond referendum.