Preventing another flood

Robert L. Timm, Minot

Are the city councilmen listening to anyone other than the architects of the flood control plan? I live in the flood plain. My home had 5-1\2 feet of water on the main floor. My office and my income property were also lost in flood yet I think the proposed and approved flood plan is insane.

I certainly don’t speak for all flood victims but having visited with several neighbors and other flood victims I know I speak for many.

The consensus of those whom I have visited with is that with proper river management the flood of 2011 would have been avoided and what we really need is better river management by both the United States and Canada. Not one of my neighbors nor any other flood victim I’ve visited with has felt that such a grandiose plan is warranted yet 100 percent of those I’ve visited with all think this flood could have been avoided with better river management.

What will a billion dollars do? Before a shovel full of earth is moved it will make those who proposed the plan millionaires. For that brief moment of clarity when the collective considered a scaled-down version of the plan did they even consider for a moment to consult someone that wasn’t going to make millions of dollars from the plan? Did the collective think about mailing out a survey to those who were affected by the flood asking if we think spending a billion dollars was/is a good idea?

What will happen as this plan is being implemented? Think about the traffic routes that you drive on and the mess they will be for many years to come. They say this project will take 10 or more years to complete. Every major traffic route in Minot will be under construction and often several at a time. You think traffic is bad now. Remember the traffic during the flood? The exact same routes will be affected, not for just a couple of months like the flood, but for several years!

OK, so Minot builds this monument to the architects who designed it, what is Canada thinking…. “Hey, we can send a whole lot more water down there now!”

Gee, what will our neighbors up and down stream think about that? Who’s going to pay for all this? The entire city? Just the valley? Maybe the millionaire architects should pay for it!