Online comments need names, too

Nancy Langseth, Minot

Since living part of the year in another state I have been reading The Minot Daily News online. I noticed that comments were made after some letters, news stories, and editorials. I was shocked at some of the comments as they are extremely nasty. There are personal attacks as well as ridicule of someone else’s opinions or actions. I wouldn’t say it is constructive criticism.

The other aspect of these comments I find troubling is the people do not use their actual names. It is easy to make nasty remarks about people if one can hide behind a false name. Some of the comments are not nasty, but too many of them are and for what purpose?

I am surprised that a publication allows such a practice. People who write letters to the editor need to give their full name as well as provide their home address and phone number. This same policy should be applied to the comment section online.