Creating Wellness at the Expo

If you are interested in creating or improving your overall wellness in life, an event being held Saturday could help you achieve those goals – and possibly more. Minot’s third annual Creating Wellness Expo will take place at Sleep Inn & Suites- Dakota Square from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event gathers small businesses from Minot and the surrounding communities that provide wellness-oriented products, services and solutions to live a healthier life.

The expo, hosted by CornerStone Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center, will feature more than 30 exhibitors, a special premiere movie screening and door prizes. Entrance to the expo and seat for the movie screening is $5 per person or $10 for three people. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Wyatt Leamon Foundation, to benefit parents and others who care for young children.

Staci Borkhuis, chiropractor at CornerStone, said the wellness expo is the area’s only expo that provides solely wellness services, and will focus on three themes – being fit, eating right and thinking well. Areas of concentration will be healthy eating and cooking, fitness services available like centers and equipment for sale, as well as pampering things like jewelry and personal empowerment services.

“There will be lots of opportunities for people,” Borkhuis said.

She said the highlight of the expo is the movie “Doctored,” making its Minot premiere. The movie will be shown at 11 a.m. and again at 1 p.m. at the expo, with seating available for approximately 60 people. “Doctored” is a documentary that dissects the big-business industry of pharmaceuticals and unfolds the trials of chiropractors. It shines a light on companies like the American Medical Association and suggests that the pharmaceutical industry is creating “medical junkies” instead of improving people’s health.

The Creating Wellness Expo was an idea that Borkhuis had around the same time as chiropractors across the country were doing the same thing.

Borkhuis credited Christy Miller, wellness coach and corporate wellness consultant for CornerStone Chiropractic, for being responsible for a significant portion of the work done on this year’s event.

Borkhuis called “Doctored” the most powerful part of this year’s expo, demonstrating that it’s important for people to open their eyes at the ways of approaching health.

“Health does not come from a bottle, and I want to teach people how to live a healthier life,” she said, adding that too many people die each year from correctly taken prescribed medicine because they did not look at the side effects.

She maintains that the typical medical system is “broken,” and she along with her team of chiropractors want to give people different resources on healthier living and how to attain it.

“The expo highlights ways to enhance health,” she said. “(It) will give an opportunity for people to take advantage of the local services available for them to have a healthier life.”

“Doctored” focuses on the complex pharmaceutical industry that tends to market medication as a strict beneficiary to self-betterment. The heroes are depicted as some of the most brilliant and ridiculed chiropractors who provide their own specialized guidance on therapy. The audience is challenged to uncover the mystery.

Borkhuis said prescription drug use has become a gigantic problem – probably the biggest problem facing people’s health today.

“Prescription drugs are a huge problem and the number of kids on (prescription) drugs is a huge problem. It’s the biggest problem I know of, and that’s why I do what I do,” she explained.

Every generation gets a little sicker than the one before and the health of the nation will decline, she continued. Teaching families to raise a healthier generation is a goal.

“We have information on nutritional programs, wellness coaching, corporate wellness programs, family wellness chiropractic services, information for people with ADD or ADHD interested in the SHINE program,” Borkhuis said. CornerStone also offers free workshops in the community on a regular basis, she added. Businesses or organizations interested in workshops can call CornerStone at 852-2800.

Borkhuis said the body has an innate healing ability, but there are detrimental things people do in their lifestyle that affect that healing ability.

“We analyze the nervous system in every patient,” she said, which is completely safe. “Chiropractic adjustments remove the interferences with the natural healing process.

“People think they don’t have any other options other than what’s in the current medical system, but we want to let them know that there are other options.”

Borkhuis said she hopes the expo will help people find one resource that gives them the support they need to obtain their health goals, or they may find one person who provides the support and who will change that person’s entire health for the rest of their life.

“People are looking for solutions to their health systems and we can help them,” Borkhuis said. “We want people to know that’s possible.”