City needs better buses

Tammi Barnes, Minot

The front page of a recent Sunday edition of The Minot Daily News boldly spells out the major reason why Minot needs to expand the city bus services.

With the present lack of parking spaces downtown and also around Minot State University, by building up the downtown area and also the campus it is just going to make it worse.

Minot needs to increase their bus services to include every area of Minot. Not only would a better public transportation system help with the lack of parking, it would also help decrease the amount of traffic on Broadway, enable people to get to school or their job, it could potentially cut down on the number of winter accidents that occur every time it snows.

With an improved public transportation service offered to Minot, there may be a decrease in the revenue made by giving out parking tickets and citations for traffic violations and accidents, but there would be an increase in the revenue brought in by the large number of people who would benefit from taking the bus to work, school, downtown, Dakota Square Mall, Walmart, the YMCA and when it is finished, the new Marketplace Foods up north of the valley area.

It is time to stop complaining about the lack of parking and increase of traffic in Minot. By improving our public transportation system Minot might be able to put those complaints to rest.