How much tax is enough?

Ron Carlson, Bismarck

What should Phil Mickelson pay in taxes?

Lefty got in trouble with the liberal press by stating he was going to have to move out of California cause he was paying 62 percent. Shame on you, Lefty, for thinking that way! According to the liberals you should be paying more. So after an “expert” figured everything out, citing some basic tax planning, his percentage could be something like 52 percent. Now, libs, should someone have to pay more than 50 percent of their income in taxes? Is that “fair”? Is that an “adequate redistribution” of income? Is that the “social justice” you proclaim is needed?

Shame on you, Lefty, you should be happy to pay 52 percent as it is your patriotic duty as stated by Joe Biden. I’ll go on record: the maximum anyone should pay in total taxes in the United States should be no more than 40 percent.