Protecting all children

James Kerian, Grafton

Tuesday, Jan. 22, marked the 40th anniversary since the Supreme Court announced its Roe v Wade decision and struck down every law against abortion in every state throughout the entire country. Since that day over 55 million children have lost their lives in US abortion clinics.

Since the last election those who want to keep abortion legal have been feeling pretty confident. The presidential race went their way. They gained seats in the house as well as the senate. Even here in North Dakota, one of the most pro life states in the nation, we have just elected a new senator, Heidi Heitkamp, whose support of the abortion industry is proven, established and radical.

On closer consideration, however, the days of legal abortion in this country are likely coming to an end. The shooting at Sandy Hook Elemantary School in Newtown, Conn., made one thing very clear. Americans want to protect children. We have laws against child abandonment and child endangerment. We do not allow those on whom children depend to give up their responsibility until the safety of the child is first assured. We are disgusted, revolted and outraged by the killing of children. Whatever has happened in this country to religion, morality, family life or society it has not changed the fact that we are unreservedly opposed to the killing of children. The continuation of legal abortion is, therefore, completely dependent on most Americans remaining ignorant of the fact that those who are killed in abortion clinics are children. This ignorance cannot be sustained in the information age.

As ultrasound and digital imaging technology continues to improve it will inevitably become more obvious to more people that the victims of abortion are not blobs of tissue or a part of someone else’s body. They are children. According to state records each year the abortion clinic in Fargo takes the lives of nearly 200 children who are beyond the tenth week of pregnancy. These are children with detectable brainwaves and heartbeats. Their kidneys, intestines and livers are formed. They have arms, legs, fingers and toes. They have unique fingerprints and their own unique blood (often a different blood type than either parent) being pumped through their own body by their own heart. These are children, and as that fact becomes more widely understood Americans will demand that these children be protected.