Reducing taxes in N.D.

Ray Zajac, Mantador

North Dakota’s governor and legislators will be reducing taxes in this legislative sessions. Which are the best taxes to reduce?

North Dakota has basically four taxes: income tax, sales tax, property tax and fees and licenses.

I am not a person who favors income tax but in North Dakota’s case it would be one of the worst taxes to cut.

The reason: because of the oil boom we have so many out-of-state individuals and corporations working in North Dakota who send their money out of state. Giving them a bigger paycheck and sending more money out of state is not going to increase economic activity in North Dakota. The citizens of North Dakota are going to have to pick up the tab with poorer roads and less property tax relief.

The governor wants to cut income taxes by $125 million. Why not take the $125 million and divide it 50-50 between education and infrastructure.

If you agree, let your legislators know.