Hope for the future

Max C. Zurcher, Minot

The hand of God gave many Americans fighting all over the world in many wars, the same feelings of hope. This same hope gives the people of Minot the comfort of knowing that the flood of 2011 will not prevail. When you see a sign that says “I’m back,” that gives everybody that hasn’t moved back the confidence they need to move forward.

When we see Mayor Curt Zimbelman on TV, it gives us all hope that Minot is behind him 100 percent. Thank you Mayor Zimbelman as you continue to move the progress of our great city back to normal. “Thank you” seems like two small words; but they are fighting words. If we don’t fight together Mr. Mayor, then fighting alone will get us back to where we started. Thanks again.

If we don’t share tears of grief together, then the tears we shed may not touch the hope of our future. This then would be considered a normal response to an unexpected consequence. That would be something the people of Minot wouldn’t let happen again.

There are many people in Minot who deserve to be thanked for all the help they gave to the citizens of Minot; but I think I will let the Mayor thank them for us.

We all know humor is cheap; but also it is very healthy for those that are having a hard time this winter and to make light of one’s situation can be the difference of having a good day or a bad one. The mind is a wonderful progressive course that works with you to help build that home that looked like a hopeless project at first. Welcome back to all the wonderful people of Minot that never gave up the fight.

Being a veteran, I would be very remiss in not taking the opportunity to say “Thank You” to Medal of Honor Award recipient Clint Romesha of Minot. Congratulations and welcome to the Magic City of Minot. There may be less than 100 Medal of Honor recipients still alive, so welcome to that noble group, Clint. The whisper of the winds, the snow so bright, will also welcome you tonight, Feb. 11, 2013, as we celebrate the honor you will receive that night.

The American flag is not a weapon the American flag is a promise. The guns we own make us citizens of America. Without them we are unable to control our destiny of hope. If some new laws are passed, the laws should be passed by Congress. I hope and pray that the great people of Minot will agree.