Totally transforming health

A new business opening this week in Minot intends to offer people a chance to bring their body, mind and spirit to potentially achieve a transformative experience – the Total Transformation Clinic, offering integrative medicine for both men and women.

“Integrative medicine” is the integration of conventional medicine with holistic practices, focusing on curing ailments instead of providing symptomatic treatment. It provides a comprehensive approach to patient care and focuses on finding the root cause of underlying ailments, which is what Dr. Felistas Madziwa believes in. Madziwa was a specialist in internal medicine for Trinity Health before venturing on a path in integrative medicine, and starting the Total Transformation Clinic.

Madziwa said that integrative medicine was started by Andrew Weil in the 1990s. Madziwa completed a fellowship at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona and had him for a professor.

The Total Transformation Clinic will be located at 1310 E. Burdick Expy., Suite A, situated directly across from the main entrance of the Roosevelt Park Zoo, and is slated to open on Wednesday. Madziwa said the finishing touches are currently being done on the renovation of the building. Hours of operation will be Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and by special appointment. To start with, there will just be Madziwa and her practice manager, Christine Goth, working at the clinic, but as the workload increases, Madziwa said she will bring more people on board.

Services offered at the Total Transformation Clinic will include bioidentical hormone therapy, medications for men and women that contain hormones that are an exact chemical match to those made naturally by humans; intravenous nutritional therapy, giving vital nutrients to the body through the bloodstream by accessing the vein with a small needle; integrative and regenerative medicine; medically guided and supervised weight loss; pharmaceutical grade supplements; and providing organic fruits and vegetables that contain non-genetically modified organisms.

While the clinic does not participate with any type of insurance, people can still submit the forms for each visit and service received at the clinic to their insurance company. That allows the clinic to always choose the best treatments without dealing with any type of outside party interference.

Madziwa said she has a passion for helping people to get well and healthy.

“When I was in internal medicine, we just looked at the symptoms and I wanted to look at ways to help them get healthy,” she said. Madziwa, who completed a fellowship in integrative medicine, said she looks at the mind, body and spirit and asks what the person is doing to get his or her body in the best place.

“I follow a life of passion,” Madziwa said excitedly. When she was looking at her mission in life, she wanted to help people be vibrant, happy and healthy, and that drive helped her start the Total Transformation Clinic.

“I have a passion to help, and I’m the biggest cheerleader – and most patients need that,” Madziwa said.

“People need a support system when working with weight loss,” Goth added. “It’s important.”

Both men and women are encouraged to come to the clinic. It’s not gender-specific and the clinic offers hormonal treatment, said Goth. People should start looking at hormone levels in their early 30s, she added.

“Most menstrual irregularities or PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) are all a hormonal imbalance,” Madziwa added. People who are having problems with those issues or with decreased libido are encouraged to visit the clinic. Anyone who is feeling that their health is not at an optimal level should come to the clinic, she said, and especially if you haven’t found answers in the conventional medical arena.

“Anyone wanting to take care of the root cause of the problem, come and see what we have to offer to get their health back on track,” Madziwa said.

The most challenging part about getting a clinic like this started, Madziwa said, has been the startup itself, like with finding a place and finding the right person to work with. Madziwa and Goth are both thrilled at having found each other, they said.

“Just putting everything together” has also been a challenge, Madziwa added.

“If someone had told me (that I’d start my own clinic), I would’ve been scared. I just took one step at a time and it’s almost to fruition.” Madziwa said.

Another challenging part about getting the clinic started has been with getting medical supplies, Goth said, because many of the companies have told her that they don’t deliver to this area.

“But people are so happy to help you here in Minot,” she added, noting that Trinity has been very helpful with anything they have needed.

“This clinic would not be here if people at Trinity weren’t so warm and generous,” Madziwa said.

With integrative medicine, both conventional medicine and holistic practices are looked at, Madziwa said. Conventional medicine is symptoms-based, while integrative medicine is looks at the whole person and takes the concise history of the person to figure out the “why” of the problem, she explained.

“We can fix the problem, but why are you having the problem? Integrative (medicine) looks at that,” Goth said.

“Integrative medicine looks at the symptoms as a window of opportunity to look at a person’s health,” Madziwa said. “Integrative medicine looks at what the symptom is telling us (in order) to fix the root cause. The symptoms are a window of opportunity to look at the root cause.”

Everything with integrative medicine is evidence-based, Madziwa noted, and all starts with looking at everything in nature. The Total Transformation Clinic will be looking at cutting edge therapies and how they can be brought to Minot, she said.

One thing Madziwa wanted to make sure people know is that the clinic will not take the place of a person’s primary care physician. Anyone can come into the clinic for symptoms that they feel aren’t being taken care of by their regular physician, though, she added.

“We’re just there to enhance and when the problem is fixed, then you go back to your physician,” Madziwa said.

Everyone is encouraged to try integrative medicine.

“If what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working, have an open mind to accept that there’s another way,” Madziwa said. “And if that doesn’t help, you can go back to traditional medicine.”

People who have questions or who want to set up a consultation can call the clinic. Before Wednesday, people can call 721-3882, and then, after Wednesday, call 837-9900. People can also send an email message to or visit the clinic’s website at (