New country club plan moves forward

A rural housing development that would include a new Minot Country Club won partial approval from the Minot Planning Commission Monday.

The commission voted to recommend the Minot City Council approve the 158 units of single-family homes and townhomes southeast of Minot, east of Spruce Lane and south of 35th Avenue Southeast. The commission denied rezoning a portion of the property for 210 multi-family units due to concerns about population density.

Arista Development of Fargo has proposed to donate about 300 acres for a country club as part of the project.

“We want that country club to be the focal point of our development,” said Jeff Schaumann, representing Arista Development. “We really hope to be one of the premiere neighborhoods and something we all can be proud of in this city.”

“It will represent a culmination of a vision to provide a country club again here in the city of Minot,” said Doug Larson, Minot Country Club president. “We believe it’s something that’s necessary to provide a quality of life.”

Minot Country Club’s facilities west of Minot were severely damaged in the 2011 flood.

There was no opposition, although a neighbor sought assurance that he still could use his adjacent property for dirt biking. Commission Chairman Dave Pankow said the project should not interfere with his right to normal use of his property.

Before giving approval, the commission discussed issues related to clubhouse location and the platting of roads that would be used to service the country club.

In other business, the commission voted to recommend variances that will allow development of a portion of the Virgil Workman Village no longer used for Federal Emergency Management Agency temporary housing. The first phase of the 55th Crossing project includes 62 lots that will be developed with townhomes. Because of constraints related to working around existing infrastructure, the developer, Nathan Smith, seeks to reduce the size of the backyards on some of the lots.

The Church of St. John the Apostle was successful in getting the commission’s blessing on rezoning its property from agricultural to single-family residential. The church has sought to sell its vacant property for development but previously ran into neighborhood protest over plans that involved multi-family housing. There was no objection to the single-family rezoning.

The commission also is recommending:

continuation of a special use permit to allow Hope Village to provide volunteer housing and other services during the flood rebuilding this year.

approval for construction of five new townhouses off 16th Street Northwest, behind five existing duplexes that are being rehabilitated from 2011 flood damage.

denial of a request to increase the number of apartment units to 239 in a proposed project in northwest Minot. The California developer seeks to exceed density restrictions by 15 units to offset the cost of a 7,000-square-foot club house with a pool, spa, gym, playground and other amenities.