A boost to Hope Village

A large contribution to Hope Village will assist the ongoing flood recovery work in the Minot area.

The Evangelical?Lutheran Church in America Disaster Response provided $108,000 to Hope Village on Monday, bringing the total that ECLA Disaster Response has contributed to Hope Village to an astounding $700,000. Officials said the money will be used to cover expenses of staff and facilities while the massive volunteer effort continues.

Volunteers have been in Minot for months helping flood victims restore their homes to livable conditions. The volunteers are organized by officials at Hope Village, where they are also housed and fed while they are in the area. The volunteers have come from all across the country, and have helped numerous flooded families recover from the disastrous 2011 Souris River flood. And now, with the help of another $108,000 donation, that work will continue.

The projects done by those working through Hope Village have made an enormous difference in the lives of Minot residents battling back from the flood. It’s a huge undertaking, one that could not be accomplished without willing volunteers and funding to cover the expense of housing and feeding the many volunteers.