Park district discusses future projects

The Minot Park District’s project planning meeting left the committee with plenty to think about Tuesday.

Parks director Ron Merritt said there was a good turnout, with about 70 groups and individuals sharing their ideas and concerns for the forseeable future.

Ideas include:

– The Greater Minot Zoological Society is considering the addition of new species for exhibition at Roosevelt Park Zoo. The zoo is planning to resume operations at the beginning of May, depending on the speed of repairs and how soon it can return and properly resettle its animals.

– Local swimmers would like to see improved or even additional public swimming facilities. Ongoing repairs to the Roosevelt Park pool and bathhouse were also discussed. As things are currently progressing, so long as enough staff can be found they should be open as usual in the first week of June.

– Golfers also had some ideas, suggesting various improvements and possibly even the addition of another course. As soon as the weather becomes appropriate, Souris River Golf Course will open at least nine holes for public use. The remaining half of the course will open as soon as the bridge and banks are fully repaired, possibly as soon as early June.

– Improvements to existing facilities all around town are being considered, ranging from expanding Maysa Arena to updating the Hammond Park tennis courts to a possible 5-court complex.

– New pasttimes are being considered as well. Frisbee golf or “frolf” enthusiasts would like to see the addition of baskets and tee pads. There is also a growing interest in starting a fastpitch women’s softball league, which would require a field with different dimensions than those Minot currently sports. Meanwhile, the fields at Jack Hoeven Baseball Complex and Corbett Field are still under repair. Rebuilding concessions may begin quite soon, possibly at the beginning of February.

– Minot’s trail system was discussed, with post-flood repairs still ongoing. Still in its design stages, the contract to upgrade the Bison Plant track will come up for bid later this spring or summer. Other expansions were also suggested by cross-country runners.