Petition ignored

Gene Ritchie, Minot

Residents of Minot beware: Many believe the Wild West with Frontier Justice has returned.

A petition opposing and signed by 115 residents of our northwest neighborhood was presented to the Public Works Committee and the full city council. Despite everyone being opposed to allowing skirted manufactured homes in the neighborhood, they chose to ignore the people’s concerns about loss of home values and approved the placement of these manufactured homes in the residential areas.

Manufactured mobile homes need to be in the designated parks.

After rebuilding our homes at an enormous cost, this decision is a slap in the face to all involved.

I am sure home values will decrease and I am also sure the Magic City assessed value for taxation will not decrease.

There is nothing wrong with manufactured homes, aka house trailers, but these belong in the manufactured home parks.

When starting out in life, living in a manufactured home is acceptable, but most people dream of moving up to a neighborhood with real stick homes. The dream of real “stick built” homes in a Minot neighborhood does not seem as attractive anymore.

The sign at the edge of Minot welcoming travelers to the Magic City should be changed to Welcome to Magic Minot Home of Hotels, Motels and Trailers.