Making our own choices

Amanda Starbuck-Mattson, Minot

I thought that I was a free-thinking American until recently. Aren’t we supposed to live in the land of the free and brave? The entire country of America’s foundation is set upon free will and choice (so we thought). The American government has already tried prohibition once and failed. Why are they trying yet again to undermine our constitutional rights and freedom of choice?

Now under law you can’t have a 44-ounce soda in New York City. You can’t have a cigarette in most states except for in your home or vehicle. The government is well on it way to revoking our Second Amendment right to bear arms starting with ammunition control which is already in effect. However McDonald’s has not been banned. Gay marriage and marijuana are banned in most places.

Why is it that the American government will ban things that hurt no one and embrace things that hurt millions? I personally can’t understand the decision making process today. When will the government tell me that I can no longer wear thong underwear because it promotes rape? Will we all have to wear white cotton undergarments and gray jumpsuits in the not-too-far away future? Will we all be forced to eat what they tell us to so we don’t get too fat for their budget? Why do they not start “fixing” all the people on welfare who just keep having children and do not work? Why do we not stop sticking our nose in every other country in the world’s business? Why do we not tax legal marijuana (that would solve our deficit issues in a year)? Why do they think that they can force people to do what a handful of people think is the right way to live? Shouldn’t we all be entitled to our own way of life?

In the early days of America this was supposed to be the land of freedom, salvation, tolerance, and prosperity (isn’t that why all our forefathers left Europe because of the oppression)? Last time I checked we still have a democracy in this country and we do not utilize it. The American people as a whole need to stand up for their rights as citizens, capable of making their own life decisions. Otherwise we may as well go back 200 years to merry ole England where we started.

Furthermore if we are allowed to live however we please why is it the government’s responsibility to take care of us? If we are entitled to live however we want we should also be responsible for our own mortality. No one is immortal, we just don’t live forever. Why even try to keep a dying person alive. Look deep into yourself and see what type of person you would like to be free and mortal or a slave to the government? Every person’s choice……