Please read this legislation

Perry Ostmo, Sharon

HB1283- The Legislators and supporters of this bill either have a screw loose or they haven’t read this piece of legislation. Sect I- what is their reasoning for allowing guns in state or federal parks? Would they be able to carry a weapon into Fort Abraham Lincoln, Lake Metigoshe, or Lewis and Clark State Parks? Is this supposed to make us feel safer?

These ‘advocates’ make us far more nervous than before. Sect J- Does this allow the clergy, without the church board’s knowledge, or vice-versa, to permit someone of their choice, regardless of their experience or training, to bring a concealed weapon into my church? Does the congregational membership have a say? Does this bill allow the school principal, without the knowledge of the superintendent or the school board, (or the school board, without the administration’s knowledge), to choose a person, again regardless of their competency- ‘just as long as they have a concealed weapon’s permit,’ to walk the aisles of our schools?

My interpretation is just that! This is your elected officials at work! Sect. 3 also needs clarification. This is a poorly written and ill-conceived piece of legislation. The Chairman of the Judiciary Committee is one the sponsors of this bill. HB1283.

Please read it.