Protecting our rights

Duane Stahl, Valley City

The Forum told of Fargo’s Police Chief’s opposition to proposed state legislation prohibiting state and local law from assisting in enforcing future federal firearms laws. He stated: “I struggle with the idea we would be prohibited by law from assisting federal law enforcement authorities in an investigation where someone was engaged in unlawful conduct.”

Yes, but it’s sad when state and local officers must enforce unlawful (unconstitutional) federal legislation. Isn’t our constitution the law?

Sen. Joe Miller, one sponsor of North Dakota legislation, said: “I take an oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution as well as the Constitution of North Dakota.” Don’t state and local officials take a similar oath?

Across the country, county sheriffs (top county law enforcement officers working for their citizens) have pledged not to enforce new gun controls and have even promised to prevent enforcement. In one state, 28 of 29 sheriffs signed a letter to Vice President Biden pledging to uphold the Constitution in this matter and reminding Mr. Biden that he took the same pledge. Sheriffs in nearly 20 states have made similar promises.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry says no federal order to confiscate guns or violate 2nd Amendment rights will be obeyed in that state.

Finally, at least 12 states are considering nullification legislation to void any new federal infringements on gun rights-potentially a showdown between states and federal.

I’ll probably be ridiculed for “talking tough,” but I pray state and local authorities will be tough for our God-given rights.