Bar games fun: Darts, pool tournament under way at Holiday Inn

The loud music playing went from an AC/DC hit to a modern country tune and then on to a fairly recent rock song, possibly serving as inspiration for the participants in the pool and dart tournament being held this weekend at the Holiday Inn Riverside in Minot.

The pool and dart tournament is an end of the year extravaganza held every year over Super Bowl weekend, according to Mike Morin of Barnyard Screenprinting and Specialty Co., Minot, a vending business that sells T-shirts and other items on location.

He said the combination pool and dart tournament is for people from various communities who participate in playing pool or darts leagues at their local bars. They meet at the Holiday Inn Riverside every year and the state pool and dart tournament will take place in two weeks.

Most of the people participating in the tournament are repeat performers. Donnie Krebsbach, Max, said he plays in the extravaganza every year that he doesn’t have his kids for the weekend. As of Saturday afternoon, his team was winning the dart tournament, too, he added with a big smile.

There’s a limit to 128 dart teams, four on each team, and 68 open teams for pool, with five members on each pool team, Morin said. “There’s a limit on women’s teams, though, so you have to sign up early.”

People have traveled within the state to attend the event, with some participants hailing from Belcourt, New Town and Devils Lake, Morin said. “Belcourt or Devils Lake is probably the farthest,” he added, that people have come from to participate in the tournament.

In order to attend or participate in the tournament, people must be 21 years and older. “There are some older men and women in their 70s,” Morin noted.

Prizes for the pool and dart tournament are all cash prizes and plaques for first- and second-place winners, Morin said. At the state tournament, he said, seventh- and eighth-place winners receive plaques. For those who lose early in the extravaganza, Morin noted, they can stick around and play extra in side tournaments.

This year’s pool and dart extravaganza is almost exactly the same as last year’s event, Morin said. He said that last year they added a green fee where people paid $15 to play in the tournament instead of using quarters for each time they wanted to play. He said the green fee worked really well so that was continued again in this year’s extravaganza.

The pool and dart extravaganza continues today.