Local Briefs

Shooting in Minot area early Saturday

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Minot police received a report of a vehicle that was being followed by a couple of vehicles. The individuals in the two vehicles were throwing items at the individual in the other vehicle.

According to a Minot police news release, police were informed a short time later that the driver of the targeted vehicle, a 19-year-old male, was going to the emergency room for an injury sustained in the incident. When officers arrived, they learned that the vehicle had been shot multiple times and the 19-year-old male driver had suffered a non-life threatening gun shot wound just below his left eye.

Upon further investigation, Tegan Lamotte, 18, Minot, was arrested and charged with four counts of terrorizing, four counts of reckless endangerment, and four counts of conspiracy to attempted murder.

The investigation is continuing.

FEMA housing numbers continue to drop

Just one month into 2013, the Federal Emergency Management Agency announced that the number of temporary housing units still occupied in Ward County has fallen to 476.

There are only 79 FEMA units still on private property in the Souris Valley, down from a high of nearly 1,100. In addition, 25 units are still occupied at DeSour Valley Heights in Burlington and 298 are occupied at Virgil Workman Village, just east of Minot. The remaining 74 occupied units are at four manufactured home parks in the area.

As of Jan. 31, FEMA has finalized 50 sales of units to the occupants. Purchasing the unit they are living in is one of several options that displaced residents have in securing permanent housing. FEMA continues to meet with residents on a monthly basis to assist them with developing a long-term housing plan, and those meetings will continue until FEMA’s housing mission concludes in June 2013.

Assault on a peace officer in the ER

A Minot man was arrested Saturday by Minot police for assaulting a peace officer.

According to a Minot police news release, during the early morning hours on Saturday, Ian Singer, 33, was arrested for driving under the influence and other charges. Singer, 33, was taken to the Trinity Hospital laboratory to have his blood drawn. While at the hospital, Singer became combative and started to fight with officers while they were attempting to place him in handcuffs. During the struggle, Singer managed to get a hand free and threw his elbow, striking one of the officers in the eye. Singer was charged with assault on a peace officer, a Class C felony.