Kalmio convicted on 4 counts of murder

After roughly three hours of deliberation, the jury for the quadruple murder trial of Omar Mohamed Kalmio, 28, returned a guilty verdict for all four counts of class AA felony murder at the Ward County Courthouse in Minot.

Kalmio was found guilty of killing Sabrina Zephier, 19, his former girlfriend; Jolene Zephier, 38, Sabrina’s mother; Dillon Zephier, 13, Jolene’s son and Sabrina’s brother; and Jeremy Longie, 22, Jolene’s boyfriend, at two separate locations on January 28, 2011, just over two years ago.

“I’m happy it’s all over with,” said Terri Zephier, who is Sabrina and Dillon’s sister and Jolene’s daughter. “That’s the hardest part, waiting; having to sit it out.”

Kalmio’s sentence is pending.

Flint McColgan