I LEAD visits Fort Berthold college

NEW TOWN Representatives of a project focusing American Indian educators at Montana State University-Bozeman visited Fort Berthold Community College in New Town Tuesday.

David Henderson, William G. Ruff, and Tena Versland, all from the MSU-Bozeman Department of Education in Bozeman, Mont., presented a one-day seminar session highlighting the Indian Leadership Education and Development (I LEAD) program at MSU-Bozeman.

The purpose of the I LEAD project is to recruit, educate and certify American Indian educators, and place them into administrative positions at schools with high populations of Native American students.

The curriculum focuses instruction on local school improvement initiatives through problem-based learning assignments. According to the I LEAD team, classes will be delivered during the school year using computer-based instruction, and summer classes will be held on the Montana State University campus at Bozeman.

Wayne Fox, Fort Berthold Community College vice president, received his doctorate of education through the I LEAD program at Montana State University and served as host for the seminar. Fox said he was excited for the opportunity to recruit potential candidates for their doctoral degrees in education, and was honored to collaborate with MSU-Bozeman.

Candidate requirements include:

Be a member of a federal or state recognized tribe or have a parent or grandparent that was a tribal member.

Have an initial school principal license.

Hold a master’s degree and be admitted to Montana State University’s graduate program.

For more information on the I LEAD program contact: Tena Versland at tena.versland@montana.edu or at 406-994-6799; Bill Ruff at wruff@montana.edu or at 406-994-4182 or visit the website at (montana.edu/