Fair Board not being fair

Bernice Galusha, Minot

In regards to the recent information regarding the Pioneer Village and the Little Red School House, I am very disappointed in the fact that it shows the Fair Board has little if any regards for history in general and specifically Ward County history.

Robert Sandstrom, a very kind, understanding man, gave this Little Red School House to the Pioneer Village out of the kindness of his heart. In turn, the Pioneer Village made arrangements for the Little Red School House, preparing a foundation only to have the Fair Board tell them they cannot have this school house set on the already prepared foundation. It only takes “common horse sense” to realize “who is right” and “who is wrong” in this situation.

The Little Red School House is available. Its site has been prepared, the Historical Society is ready to have it moved. Come on Fair Board and manager how about being the “Good Neighbor.” I know you can be and let them move this school house.

It would be nice to have this Little School House moved and ready for the upcoming visitors’ season which is right around the corner.

When you get down to the nuts and bolts of this whole situation, the Pioneer Village is a great asset to the Fair Board and its current location which makes it available to area residents and visitors alike.

The Fair Board should be a good neighbor and let the move be completed. Come on Fair Board, let’s do it today and show everyone that you still have the good ol’ North Dakota way of doing the small jobs. Thank you!