Housing worries

Kathy Kimball, Minot

This is in reply to the gentleman who didn’t like all the manufactured homes popping up all over Minot since the flood. Those homes are built just as good as the houses that they are building like crazy now, that no one who was flooded can afford.

The manufactured homes and modular homes are beautiful and well designed and are easier to move then a house if there were another flood.

We would have bought a manufactured home if our flooded home had been deemed not fixable. I have a friend who wishes they would have passed the ordinance sooner to allow them in Minot, because they have borrowed to the hilt to repair their home from the flood and had planned on buying a manufactured home, but at that time the city didn’t allow it. They would be debt free right now if they could have bought a manufactured home and destroyed their stick house. So here they are, they have put twice as much of their own money into it than what they paid for it not long ago.

Would you rather have a flooded house sitting there neglected like so many are, because no one can afford to work on them because FEMA and North Dakota dished out so little money, that you couldn’t even find a lot to buy with what they “gave” these people?

Just my opinion, but the facts are true.