Watford City water better

Lindsey Ybarra, Watford City

As a mother, hotel manager, and resident of Watford City, I cannot say enough good things about the city’s much improved water system. Before service from the WAWS project started a month ago, I had to bathe my children in the brown water that came out of our taps. I had also grown accustomed to washing our clothes with water that didn’t look clean. Since WAWS came to town, the water that comes out of our tap is clean and clear.

The improved water system has also helped us immensely at the Roosevelt Inn, where I serve as the hotel manager. Because we don’t have to use nearly as much chemical to treat the water, the cost of maintaining our indoor pool has dropped since WAWS arrived. Not only is it saving the hotel money, but it’s also making a much nicer swimming experience for our guests.

I just wanted to say thank you to the Watford City leaders, WAWS leaders, state lawmakers, and everyone else that helped make this project a reality. WAWS has improved our lives immensely.