Divorces have been granted in District Court to: Mercedita Manalo Dimaano and Erwin R. Dimaano; Shirley R. Andrade and Joel McKenna; Lori L. Thom and Robert M. Thom; Luitovio Faaaliga and Latasha Faaaliga; Kevin Jundt and Marla Kay Jundt; Laura A. Waswick and Kelly R. Waswick; Annamaria Chase and Daniel Chase; Matthew Jerry Philipenko and Dana Philipenko; Jennifer J. Johns and Frederick L. Johns; Whitney T. Thomas and Dalton R. Thomas; Jacqueline S. Yates and Kenton C. Yates; Jason L. Gravos and Kelly C. Gravos; Randi Lee Allard-Parisien and Christopher Leigh Parisien.