Monday Dispositions

Petty theft to $250 fine Elliott Brant Buckley, 34, 1111-7th Ave. NE, $250 fine, $25 court fee, 10 days suspended for one year, also bench warrant for failure to pay fines, $100 fine; Alisha Nichole Jordan, 20, 5119 U.S. Highway 83 S., Unit 24, $150 fine, $25 court fee, 10 days suspended for one year.

Disorderly conduct Henry Robert Kaiser, 29, Kettle Falls, Wash., $125 fine, $25 court fee, obtain chemical dependency evaluation.

Drove with suspended or revoked license Alton Love, 46, 427 N. Broadway, $200 fine, $25 court fee; Dean Authur Madison Jr., 24, 205-27th Ave. NW, Unit 9, $100 fine, $25 court fee; Tye Hanson Myslajek, 26, 1100 N. Broadway, Unit 407, $150 fine, $25 court fee; Dana Mark Roberts, 26, 721-12th St. NE, $200 fine, $25 court fee.

Liability insurance required Malcolm Cleophus Roberson, 22, 435 N. Broadway, $150 fine, $20 court fee.

Bench warrant for failure to appear for counseling Joshua Michael Peterson, 23, 803 Valley St., complete anger management, 30 days suspended.

Bench warrant for failure to pay fines Sheldon Ronald Beeter, 43, Minot, complete 30 hours community service, 30 days suspended, also possession of marijuana, 10 days, credit for one day; Kay Lynne Greeman, 27, 5110 U.S. Highway 2 E., Unit B22, 30 days suspended; Adam James Swain, 22, 1010-43rd St. SE, Unit 3, 30 days suspended.

Bench warrant for failure to perform community service Tylor James Lavallie, 18, 3100-11th Ave. SE, Unit D4, five days, credit for two days.

Unlawful possession of alcohol Brooke Danielle Determan, 20, 905-20th St. NW, $150 fine, $25 court fee, attend minor in possession seminar; Jordon Deonta Foster, 19, 1500 W. University Ave., attend minor in possession seminar, complete 20 hours community service.