Brass Band fetes Saugstad

The Brass Band of Minot is presenting a tribute to Arlene Saugstad Sunday at 4 p.m. at Ann Nicole Nelson Hall on the Minot State University Campus.

“It’s just to recognize what she’s done for the arts in Minot throughout her lifetime,” said band director Gordon Troxel, before providing some insight into Sunday’s program.

“As people are finding their seats, Suzannah Miller will be playing the prelude,” Troxel said. “She’s one of Kari Files’ students. When the show begins, first we’ll be doing pieces from ‘Robin Hood,’ the Kevin Costner movie, then something from ‘Harry Potter,’ the first movie. Something for everyone, really, including my favorite, ‘Elsa’s Procession’ by Wagner.”

There will be a special tribute by John Fishpaw, who has known Saugstad as a fellow member of the board of directors of the Mouse River Players for many years. There will also be a presentation by the mayor’s office in her honor. At the intermission, members of the Jim Hill Choir will be singing under the direction of Leah Palmer.

“Oh, we also have a kind of tongue-in-cheek version of ‘Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho,’ with John Witteman narrating,” Troxel added. “And of course, especially for Arlene, we have a salute to Frank Sinatra.”

The group is hoping for a good turnout for this free concert, as a way of showing the community’s appreciation for all the years of service Saugstad has given to the Minot social and arts scenes.