A missed opportunity

Darlene Abel, Minot

The Minot city council missed a great opportunity to listen to the constituents when they chose to vote for mobile homes placed on lots where stick built homes used to exist.

I would bet most folks in Minot think, no big deal, it is just in the flooded areas and will not affect me up here in Green Acres or the newer areas of town. See that vacant lot across the street? Well, it could be your neighborhood next time. It will bring down the value of the homes on the street if traditional mobile homes are allowed to be moved into these areas. There would be no objection if there are modular homes placed on these properties, on a permanent foundation. I am speaking of traditional mobile homes.

I think the folks in the flooded areas have suffered a big enough loss. We do not need to have one more thing that will harm our home values down the road when we want to resell our homes. I have contacted several real estate companies and have been told that our home would be devalued if someone is allowed to place a mobile home next to our stick built home. I will give you that many of those mobile homes will not look worse than some of the older homes that were there. You say, well if you don’t like it move. Why should we have to?

For many years the city has had an ordinance to prevent this. I wish they had stuck with that plan. We do have a housing shortage and some severe growing pains in Minot. I believe if we can hold out a bit longer, this too shall pass. Please, consider which city council member voted in favor of the people next election and vote accordingly.