Gun control discussion

Jim Kraft, Minot

Gun control was discussed between Jay Leno and Piers Morgan. Like too many others offering ideas to solve violence with guns, Morgan showed he knows little about firearms or hunting.

Handguns are used in over 6,000 deaths per year in the U.S. while assault rifles are used in a much lower 18; so why attack the assault rifle. Is it because the word “assault” inspires drama? Motor vehicles are used someway in most shootings but little if anything is said about it. My guess is because it is the easiest foot in the door for gun control.

Morgan compared the U.S. to the U.K. where he said stronger gun laws reflect a much lower rate of gun violence. He said the U.K. also has many mentally unstable people as does the U.S. I drew a different conclusion from his interview. We are the descendants of people worldwide who in many cases came to the U.S. for maximum freedom. We do incarcerate more people per capita than the other developed countries. Could it be because of our revolutionary blood lines that we are much quicker to act upon our feelings than those who never objected to an oppressive government? Some proof of this might be our attempts to police the world.

Our capitalism is often controlling and unfair to their customer base. Could it be a major cause of anxiety or unrest? Gun owners do not want gun violence and probably moreso than non-gun owners. The assault rifle was designed to operate with sand or dirt on it and in adverse weather conditions typical hunting conditions. Problems are best solved with accurate and complete information and not by media entertainers or politicians with their pockets lined.