Taking some responsibility

Amy Pinnow, Minot

I am a 23 year old college student at Minot State University, and I will be graduating this May. Early on in life my father taught me the “R” word, responsibility. Unfortunately I believe this “R” word no longer exists in many young adults vocabulary.

I have experienced, on many occasions, parents who let their children scream and do as they wish while the parents sit back and ignore the situation. Tonight was one of these occasions I’m referring to. My boyfriend and I went to the movies with two other married couples. We went to the movie Identity Thief, an R-rated movie. There were several parents who brought their young children to this movie, which I believe is the first sign of irresponsibility. This movie is rated R for vulgar language, violence, and sexual content. I do not believe this is a suitable movie for young children to be watching. A parent must give consent for any child under the age of 18 to go see an R rated movie, but I don’t think a child should be given such consent.

The second sign of irresponsible parenting came when in the middle of the movie a little girl, no older than 5, began running back and forth in front of the screen. Her parents neither said nor did anything to control this girl. Finally, one gentleman had enough and told the girl to go sit down. This man took responsibility into his own hands, when it’s the parents’ job to control their child.

I am writing this to encourage all parents, young or old, to learn the “R” word; responsibility. Act out this word in your everyday life, so that you can be a good example for your child. Take responsibility.