DoD civilian workforce cuts currently have little impact at Minot Air Force Base

MINOT AIR FORCE BASE Air Force measures to freeze hiring civilians and releasing those in certain non-mission essential positions will have little impact at Minot Air Force Base at this time, a base officials says.

The measure is part of a Defense Department effort to reduce spending at installations and agencies in preparation for a possible sequestration.

“At this time, Minot Air Force Base is not under a civilian hiring freeze. We are exercising a hiring control which limits most vacancies to the reassignment or promotion of current Air Force employees,” said Capt. Genieve David, chief of Public Affairs at the Minot base.

“While a hiring freeze has not been implemented at Minot Air Force Base, Minot is under new hiring controls which limits external hiring actions to mission-essential positions,” she said.

She said the Minot base does not have any non-mission critical temporary or term employees for immediate release from the federal service.

“We have approximately 13 employees being released later this year due to the expiration of their employment contracts,” David said.

She said the Department of Defense is considering a range of actions to prepare for possible sequestration with the intent to reduce spending.

Minot AFB has 1,185 civilians employed there, according to the base’s economic impact report for fiscal year 2012 released last week.

Of that number, 550 are paid with appropriated funds. The other 635 are contract people and work for private businesses.

The base has a total population of 12,807 people, including 5,569 military members and 6,053 family members.