In support of fitness

The temperatures outside were in the sub-zero range Tuesday morning, but there were warm rays of sunshine in the way of smiles, cookies and good cheer at the check presentation that took place at the the Minot Family YMCA.

The Minot Area Community Foundation presented a check for $1,900 to the Minot Family YMCA at a news conference. The money was a contribution through the Dolan Fund, said Brekka Kramer, chair of the Minot Area Community Foundation, as a way to help the elderly and the youth.

Currently, the Minot Family YMCA is under way with a capital campaign to raise $257,000 for the Community Outdoor Fitness Park project that is scheduled to be under construction this summer. Roger Mazurek, director of the YMCA, said they are working with the building committee at this time and will break ground as soon as the ground is no longer frozen. The outdoor fitness park is slated to be open in the spring of 2014.

The $792,000 cost of the park project will include 12 outdoor exercise equipment systems, a walking/jogging path, a daycamp cabin and picnic shelter area. The park will be open to the public and is being developed for the purpose of helping to reduce childhood and adult obesity. The park is also being developed to encourage families to spend time together and to provide a park in the southwest quadrant of Minot.

“Knowing that the Minot Area Community Foundation supports this project means just as much as receiving the check,” said Mazurek after receiving the contribution. “We are very grateful for their support.”