Monday: son to Krystal and Kenneth Schisler, Minot; daughter to Janice Yellow Wolf, New Town; son to Nicole Hallof and Tyler Holmes, Minot; son to Cassondra Boespflug and J. Theodore Rom, Denbigh; son to Jemma Barfield, Minot.

Tuesday: son to Sarah Brooks and Gustavo Murillo, Ruso.


A daughter was born Feb. 10 to Sarita and Kyle Boyeff, Baldivis, Western Australia, and formerly of Minot. Maternal grandparents are Jackie and Steve Chapman, of Baldivis, and Joaquin Albores, of Texas. Paternal grandparents are Ken and Barb Boyeff, Minot.

Twin sons were born Jan. 16 to Ann and Chad Hall, Boca Raton, Fla. Maternal grandparents are Wendy and Jerome Fritel, Grand Forks. Paternal grandparents are Mary and Bernie Hall, of Harvey.