New county office building design unveiled

At a meeting between the Citizen’s Committee and Ward County Commissioners, JLG Architects, of Minot, unveiled new designs for the upcoming Ward County Office Building and the expansion of the Ward County Jail.

The design was described by Don Davison, of JLG Architects, as a building that looks like it belongs next to the courthouse. The exterior of the building matches that of the courthouse but includes a slick-looking glass-fronted entryway. The design allows for future vertical expansion for one extra floor should it be needed later.

There were multiple jail expansion options. Option 2, which both the Sheriff’s Office and the commissioners are leaning toward would actually fall under the budget alloted for that project not including utility, road repair expenses, or property acquisition that may be incurred because of the larger footprint of the option. The design also allows the most room for future expansion or changes.

Flint McColgan