Police officers underpaid

Nancy Bommelman, Minot

How come the police officers of this city make less than a personnel director or her assistant? Police officers risk their lives every single day. Did you know that when an officer goes on a domestic response, they have a very good chance of being killed themselves. That is the No. 1 cause of death for a police officer. How shameful.

When they go to work, it’s actually work. For all the drug dealers, law breakers and what have you that has come to this town of ours, they are protecting us the best they can with very little help. They are short-handed, and under paid. Yes, they hired more police officers, but it’s still not enough. The increase in pay is what going to make them stay. They train a police officer and rent is so high here they leave as soon as the training is done. Not enough pay. Let’s cut the budget a little somewhere else and give it to the police officers. I don’t understand how people behind a desk make more money than somebody who risks their lives every day. Look at it this way: a doctor saves lives every day, so do police officers. Look what a doctor makes. This might be a wrong figure, I’ll ballpark it. A doctor makes, what, $5,000 a month? An officer roughly makes $2,000?

Next time that budget comes around I think the citizens of Minot should go there and ask why? Here’s something else to think about: We’re going to spend $30 million or so on birds and fish for the state of North Dakota, but we can’t give these people a raise in our town to protect us. Good spending North Dakota. I’m so proud.

This is a thank you to the men and women of the Minot Police Department. More people should thank them.