Wishing N.D. good fortune

Jon B. Fish, Orangevale, Calif.

We lived in Minot from 1968 to 1972 – and loved it there. Two of our children were born in Minot. We were there when “The Mouse That Roared” was first made famous. We won shopping games at Piggly Wiggly, shopped at Coast-to-Coast, watched two TV stations, played in summer fastpitch leagues and loved Big Leo hamburgers. We played on bowling leagues with airmen; we played basketball downtown near the USO and we had picnics at the Peace Garden, on the river, in the parks and I even pumped gasoline at two Standard stations owned by Walt Gutknecht. It was a wonderful time.

We’ve kept an eye on Minot ever since. And that’s been more than four decades. Now we see and hear (recent article in National Geographic for instance) all about the oil boom. We simply wish our friends in North Dakota well. We trust this will play out in peace and good will.