Tough time for taxpayers

Mike Schauer, Mandan

This has been a tough time for the average taxpayer here in North Dakota. Nine of the 10 tax bills brought to the floor of the Legislature for consideration were shot down, most with no debate. As an average taxpayer and fellow conservative, which most in the majority claim they are, the votes cast this week to defeat these bills looks bad, really bad. And it goes against what Republicans are supposed to stand for, limited government, low taxes prosperity and individual liberty. This has the perception of non-representation of the people and pure unadulterated greed. The state’s coffers are full and overflowing, taxable sales are at a all time high, oil tax revenue is through the roof, one has to ask, How much is enough? Our paychecks keep getting smaller, but the cost of living is exceeding what the majority of people can afford. The legislators want a pay increase; how about giving us taxpayers one first? After all, you legislators and governor promised us tax relief, at least keep that promise. Remember, you represent the people.