Share the Easter message of hope with everyone

Jesus Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! In just a little more than one month, millions of churches throughout the world will once again celebrate the single greatest event in all of history, Easter! Easter Sunday is March 31. The resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the lynchpin of our Christian faith. Without the resurrection Jesus is just one of many great teaching rabbis. His ministry would have been influential, but certainly not life-changing for the many that had followed him. But his resurrection changed everything.

The well-known Christian hymn, “Because He Lives,” says it all. “Because he lives I can face tomorrow; because he lives all fear is gone!” Because he rose from the dead, you, I, and all who call upon his name for the forgiveness of our sin know for a fact that Jesus has secured a place for us in heaven. We no longer need fear the great enemy of us all, death. Jesus gives us forgiveness for our past and future, strength for today, and hope for tomorrow.

Easter is the one event that can impact everyone, everywhere. No matter what our background is and no matter what state we find ourselves in at this very moment, the Easter message comes to us filled with hope, hope even for our particular predicament. And if there is one thing that everyone needs, it is hope.

May we never grow tired of sharing the greatest event of all history with everyone we meet. May we never grow tired of giving out the same unconditional love Jesus gave to us when he willingly surrendered his life for every single person, no exceptions.

May our prayer continue to be the same prayer Bob Pierce, founder of World Vision, prayed, “God break my heart with the things that break yours.” If, and when, we willingly surrender our lives to God and let him take us where he desires, we will experience the Easter message new and fresh and in ways we never could have dreamed possible. We can be the change agents God will use to bring hope to the hopeless and relief to the desperate. Do we dare to ask God to enlarge our territory and increase our influence or are we content to play it safe while lives crumble around us? Let’s not settle for anything less than God’s best for our lives. I pray that all of us will experience afresh the power of his resurrection this Easter season and let it continue to change us into the person God planned for us to be.

Pastor Mark Frueh is a pastor at First Presbyterian Church, Minot.