Helicopter mishap: UH-1N ‘Huey’ went down in Parshall area

MINOT AIR FORCE BASE Investigators are checking into what happened when a helicopter from Minot Air Force Base made an emergency landing south of Parshall Monday morning.

Col. Bryan Haderlie, commander of the 91st Operations Group, a unit of the 91st Missile Wing, told Minot media late Monday afternoon that a UH-1N “Huey” helicopter assigned to the missile wing was involved in the mishap in McLean County, south of the city of Parshall.

He said two of the five crewmembers on board received minor injuries and were checked by medical personnel. The other three reportedly were not injured, he said.

Emergency personnel, including from the local area, immediately responded to the scene, Haderlie said.

He said he did not know specifically what happened when the mishap occurred other than the pilot had reason to land the aircraft, which he did.

“It was a landing that you would characterize as a mishap. It was not a normal landing,” he said. “The investigation will reveal any other factors that were involved.”

Haderlie said the aircraft remains at the mishap scene and military personnel are there securing the area. “It is in a remote area and is no danger to the public,” Haderlie said.

He said the helicopter was damaged but that the extent was not known at this time.

Haderlie said the mishap investigation has been initiated and is in progress.

“In the flying community we’re very serious about learning from mishaps so that we can avoid repeating them,” he said. He said trained personnel will come in and look at every aspect of the mishap.

The helicopters assigned to the missile wing support the intercontinental ballistic missile nuclear deterrent mission and routinely fly in support of that mission, whether it be security or training for the flight crews.

Haderlie said the helicopter fleet has not been grounded, explaining they do not have information that would lead them to make that decision.

Eight helicopters are assigned to the 91st Missile Wing.