Story behind the milk bill

Rep. Randy Boehning, Fargo

The Democrat political attack over the so-called milk bill fails to tell the whole story.

They ignore the fact that North Dakota’s public schools already offer free or reduced price breakfast and lunch, including milk, for the children of low-income families. The bill in question would have mandated adding a third half pint of milk by noon to the program each day. Local schools should decide for themselves if this addition to the program merits funding.

More importantly, the Democrat attack ignores the dramatic increases in K-12 education funding made possible by Republican legislators over the last decade. In fact, we expect to increase K-12 funding by a record $160 million this session. That increase will bring North Dakota’s investment in education to over $1 billion per biennium. When the Democrats last ran the state, they cut education funding.

We are proud of our commitment to our children’s schools and we are happy to compare our record on education funding with anyone in the country.