Respecting public wishes

Fred O. Brooks, Minot

I remember an old song, written by William Pitts I believe, which calls us to come to the church in the wildwood, oh come to the church in the vale. I don’t recall the rest of it, but it strikes a note in my mind. Wouldn’t it be nice if the State Fair Board could advertise COME TO THE LITTLE RED SCHOOL HOUSE ON THE FAIRGROUNDS, OH COME TO THAT LOVELY OLD SCHOOL AT THE FAIR. THERE IS NOTHING SO DEAR TO MY CHILDHOOD AS THAT LITTLE OLD SCHOOL AT THE FAIR.

Of course they can’t say that because it isn’t there. But it could be if the shallowness of their thinking didn’t interfere with logic.

The little red school house is there, refurbished, ready to be visited, to rekindle memories in the hundreds, perhaps thousands, who could visit if the State Fair Board would get off dead center, allow the move to the fairgrounds, use the foundation already laid and paid for to be used.

I’ve lived in Minot for more than 40 years and have regularly heard the Fair Board ask, no, plead, for the support of the local population and the state. Now the table has turned. The fair needs to support the wishes of the many people who have and will express the desire to have the historical society buildings, and the little red school house, on the fairgrounds.

It appears to me that petty notions of power and authority are overshadowing good logic. There is no question that another public board in Minot isn’t listening to the wishes of the people, and it probably won’t be the last. But I, for one, am tired of it.

You can’t have it both ways folks. You want our support and money, show some respect for the wishes of the people.